Well, four things and a lizard

19. Hufflepuff. Marine Bio major.
Owl City. Harry Potter. Cats.
But not Doctor Who.
I don't like Doctor Who.
Adam Young. Karen and the Babes.
The ocean. Also sharks (especially whale sharks).
I will be tagging Doctor Who series 8 set pics and spoilers with 'series 8 spoilers'.

Nightblogging irl with the roommate

Hannah: I'm just imagining a tree right now that has a trunk like this small *indicates about 4 inches* with millions of branches that go on forever.
Hannah: It must really suck to be dried fruit.
Hannah: *after I make her laugh* You slay me. I'm like a dragon and you just chopped off my head.
Hannah: I want to rip apart a cloud. I feel like it would be like cotton and yeah, I just really want to rip apart a cloud.
Hannah: What if storms were just like, clouds are dancing and the rain is just them sweating and pouring alcohol all over each other.
Hannah: Sometimes I just wish I could be a cat so I could cough up a fur ball. I just want to see what it would feel like.
Hannah: I wanna be a bee so I could ram my butt into people and it would actually hurt. Like "What now, yo? Feel the wrath of my butt!" Except I would die though, so never mind.
Hannah: I want a little elephant with a big belly so he could just roll around all day but that would be a really sad life for him because everyone else can move around but he can't. He can only roll in a circle.
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