Well, four things and a lizard

19. Hufflepuff. Marine Bio major.
Owl City. Harry Potter. Cats.
But not Doctor Who.
I don't like Doctor Who.
Adam Young. Karen and the Babes.
The ocean. Also sharks (especially whale sharks).
I will be tagging Doctor Who series 8 set pics and spoilers with 'series 8 spoilers'.

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Tagged by: anotherodetosolitude

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State two of your guilty pleasures

  • Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that I was rockin’ out to the Jonas Brothers earlier while playing Harry Potter Lego earlier…
  • And since I really don’t think I have any “guilty pleasures,” I’ll go with something that people think I’m weird for (but Ah dun curr): I like sharks. Think me weird, Ah dun curr. I think they’re adorable.

Two songs you’re ashamed of liking :D

Uhhhh…. I’m not sure because again, I’m not really ashamed so random songs on my iPod:

  • My sister recently found the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack at Good Will and ever since I have been obsessed with listening to Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride.
  • Hmm… well I like (a majority of the songs from) the Twilight Soundtracks so my second favorite song from those is Monsters by Hurricane Bells on the New Moon soundtrack. My first favorite song is Turning Page by Sleeping At Last but I am a fan of Sleeping At Last and have his EP “Yearbook” (it’s awesome go check it out) on my iPod so I count Turning Page more as “a Sleeping At Last song” than “a song from the Twilight soundtracks”.

Phases you’ve been through in your life

(buckle your seat belt, this one’s a long one)

I count the phases of my life through my musical taste because stlye wise I don’t have distinct phases or my taste never really fits into a category (it’s almost always been “bum”). So musical phases:

  • When my sisters and I were little we were all big fans of the Spice Girls (I was always Baby Spice), and the Backstreet Boys, and N’SYNC and stuff like that but I always hated Britney Spears with a burning passion and my sisters would torture me by playing it and I would run from the room with my hands ove my ears screaming.
  • Then there was that strange time where I don’t remember liking any specific music because I was young and mp3 players weren’t popular yet. Though throughout my childhood I always remember my parents playing an oldies jazzish/bluesish kinda station on Sunday mornings called WBGO and I still love listening to it to this day, but my parents don’t play it as often.
  • A good majority of the time my music taste consisted of whatever music my older sister found. This was one of those phases. It was music that she played but I only liked some of the songs and just wouldn’t complain when she played ones I didn’t like. It consisted of random stuff like The Hamster Dance, some Christina Aguilera (which was part of the stuff that I didn’t like), Stacy’s Mom, random leftover songs from the Spice Girls and stuff like that.
  • Then came the Green Day phase (because of my older sister). This was around 5th and 6th grade. We were all obsessed. It was during this time that my older sister discovered the song Mandy by the Jonas Brothers which we digged.
  • Then came Year 3000 by the Jonas brothers, which we made fun of, but also kinda liked at the same time. Then came SOS and then there was no hope. We all liked the Jonas Brothers, but my older sister not as much as me and my younger sister. This was 7th-9th grade, though I think they hit their peak with A Little Bit Longer and by the time Lines, Vines, and Trying Times came along I was like ehh.
  • Paramore also came along, probably around sixth or seventh grade, through my older sister which stuck around longer than Green Day. I stuck with them pretty much until Zac and Josh left :(
  • Then on the radio I discovered Fireflies by Owl City and there was no hope for me. What was special, though, was that I found Owl City by myself and I remembered the mistake I made with the Jonas Brother (finding Mandy but not looking further into who the Jonas Brothers were), so I made sure I looked into Owl City. I did it all by myself without my older sister (who to this day tolerates Owl City when she has to but doesn’t really go out of her way to listen to him, except for maybe The Bird and the Worm which she puts on on occasion). And I never looked back. :D
  • This is ridiculously long so I’ll stop here. It’s pretty up to date.

4 actors/actresses you’d sleep with without a thought

Ugghhh Rola why this question?! Fine. I am rewriting this one to: 4 actors/actresses you have a crush on right now (actually this would consist of one actor so I’ll change it again to 4 celebrities you have a crush on right now, which literally includes only one other person but whatevs)

  • David Tennant
  • Adam Young
  • that’s pretty much it
  • bonus: girl crush- Karen Gillan
  • I understand I cheated so I’ll say that I think Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill are both attractive though I don’t really have a crush on them.
  • Now leave me aloen :P

Absolute favorite meal

  • BUT I LIKE ALL THE FOODS! (Haha that’s a total lie. I’m actually really picky) But I guess for now I’ll choose: pulled pork sandwiches with sweet potato fries and corn bread.

Finish the sentence. “I’d rather be a(n) ___ than a(n) ___ in a(n) ___”

  • I’d rather be a real human being than a barbie girl in a barbie world (ha I made that kinda deep, no? It was originally supposed to just be a joke, but it’s true.)

Do you curse?

No, sir.

What’s one thing you regret?

The fact that I have a really hard time making decisions so I can’t just make up my mind already on what career path to follow (not really a regret, more like something that frustrates me about me).

Coke or pepsi?


Stance on Egypt?

I’ve never been there before, but I would love to go. If you mean politically then I feel like a horrible person because I really do not handle politics well and I get frustrated and start to flail because I am not good with putting my opinions into words or with arguing with other people and I therefore try to avoid politics at all costs so I know very little except for the small amount you’ve told me, Rola. 



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  1. How are you doing on this fine morrow?
  2. Do you like your name? If you could pick any name for yourself, what would it be?
  3. What is the funniest/most interesting thing that has ever happened to you?
  4. Owl City y/y? 
  5. What do you want to do in the future? Your deepest desire, no matter how unlikely they may be (such as: moving to that planet that they discovered that is similar to Gallifrey)
  6. Story behind your url
  7. For those who have watched Doctor Who: please write a 5 paged essay (double spaced, using 12pt font) analyzing David Tennant’s use of the word “quite” in the episode “Doomsday.” Include whether you think the line is “Quite right to” or “Quite right, too,” why you think this, and an analysis of the difference between the American use of the word “quite” and the British use of the word “quite.” … Just kidding but really, what is your interpretation of the line?
  8. Where is one place in the world you would really like to visit?
  9. Earliest childhood memory?
  10. Biggest fandom at the current moment?
  11. Who/What/Where/When do you call home right now?
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